Martin in JuxtapozStatement:

I believe in the therapeutic effect of artwork that represents archetypal imagery with psychic intensity.

Using unique qualities of paint handling, I aim to make paintings that never get boring. I want them to continue to reveal new relationships and subtlety over time and at different scales of detail. They really need to be seen in person, as the qualities change dramatically the closer one gets.

I like to build the figures and scenes out of what appears to be translucent ribbons of color energy. I’m fascinated with the lushness of paint, but ultimately I want to evoke a kind of astral substance in which lyrical calligraphy, space, light, form, and colors merge into a semi-liquid flowing substance.

I also like it when people think they have seen the painting…. and then they get really close and are surprised to discover a new level of detail and relationships.

About the Artist

Originally from Salt Lake City, I grew up in Utah’s capital and later moved throughout the western United States, including Colorado and Southern and Northern California and later, Costa Rica.

I was interested in art at an early age, and was especially fascinated by fantastic and surreal imagery. I spent a lot of time at the now legendary Cosmic Aeroplane Books and Records in Salt Lake City, a local hub for counterculture. I first developed my taste for the extremes of the imagination there, browsing the New Age books and album art.  I drew a lot as a child.

At the age of thirteen, I spent a summer in Washington D.C. going to museums alone all day. I learned a lot about painting before I even got into painting. It was a great time of discovery because I could really follow my innate interests. I was into Surrealism, Renaissance and Baroque approaches to space and paint; but I was also fascinated by natural history and the supernatural legacies of other cultures.

At age fifteen, I began to study classical painting.  From this beginning in painting and drawing, I formed a body of work in my teen years that earned me a four-year full-tuition scholarship to the University of Utah’s art department.  After college I worked in product design and illustration as a freelance artist and designer, which was depressing, but it made me more versatile.  In the last several years I have worked to develop my current style and manner of painting. I love it when other artists ask how I get these unusual effects.

Intellectually, I am a nonfiction kind of guy. I’m fascinated by all things mystical and esoteric, Depth- and Transpersonal psychology, ethnobotany, anthropology, cosmology, mycology, ecology, paranormal and psychoid phenomena. I like the extremes of the imagination served up glistening in a beautiful frame on your wall.


Testimonials, from collectors:

“It is beautiful artwork. It was breath-taking at first glance…. I tell everyone that comes into my home about it and you have many admirers here in Kansas City. I am a very proud and humble owner of the Jaguar Spirit.” 

“It will be lit and hung tomorrow. I have shown it to a number of people and their mouths just open wide. This is truly your most unique painting, a breakthrough. I’m glad you were willing to let it go.”

Ok…I have to have that…like I really really have to have that…

Testimonials, from artists:

Your latest work has been setting my pineal ablaze.”  -Luke Brown

Really love your art Martin, I think you are one of the most fascinating of the new visionary wave.”  -Daniel Mirante

Sick!… Your work is really coming along :)”  Mario ‘-Mars-1′ Martinez

Man, I’m in awe of your new work. Love the intricate dimensions revealed. And very excited about how your work will evolve and grow in the future!”  -A. Andrew Gonzalez

Thank you Martin, your work has also evolved so much over the years, it’s great watching you push into your edges.” -Andrew ‘Android’ Jones





Selected Solo Art Exhibitions

2016 (All Collaborative) Duo show “Love” with Sunny Strasburg, Knew Conscious Gallery, Denver CO

2014 “Adventures in Paint” Solo Works and Collaborations with Sunny Strasburg. Cameron Wellness Center, Salt Lake City, UT

2013 “Entheography” Solo Show, Tanner Art and Frame, Salt Lake City, UT

2012 “Martin Stensaas New Works” Fice, Salt Lake City, UT

2012 “Martin Stensaas Paintings” Salt Lake Public Library, Salt Lake City, UT

2012 “Martin Stensaas: Astral Freestyle”  [Featuring jewelry by Naomi Hinds] Knew Conscious Gallery, Denver, CO

2011 Solo Exhibition, Hive Collective. North Salt Lake, UT

2010 Solo Exhibition, Wasatch Glassworks. Salt Lake, UT

2008 Solo Exhibition, Crooked Arrow. Salt Lake City, UT

2007 Solo Exhibition, Crooked Arrow. Salt Lake City, UT

1997 Solo Exhibition, Caffe Molise. Salt Lake City, UT

1997 Solo Exhibition, Brewvies. Salt Lake City, UT

1996 Solo Exhibition, Bacchus. Salt Lake City, UT

1995 Solo Exhibition, Loge Gallery, University of Utah. Salt Lake City, UT

1994 Solo Exhibition, Director’s Guild of America. Los Angeles, CA

Selected Group Art Exhibitions

2015 “Ascension” Annual Group Show, Knew Conscious Gallery, Denver, CO

2015 “Modern Consciousness Research and the Understanding of Art” Group Exhibition, MAPS/Bentley Reserve, Curated by Phaneros Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2015 “Oyster Pirates Collaborative Works” Washington Square, Salt Lake City-County Building, Salt Lake City, UT

2014-15 “Dreams and Divinities” International Touring Exhibition, San Cristobal MX, Mexico City MX, Dallas TX

2014-15 “Oyster Pirates” Collaborative show, E3 Modern, Salt Lake City, UT

2014 “Out of this World” Group Show, Mark Slusser Gallery, Salt Lake City, UT

2014 “Ascension” Annual Group Show, Knew Conscious Gallery, Denver CO

2014 “Cosmos: the Art of Existence” Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco CA. Curated by Michael Cuffe

2014 “Red Tide: The Oyster Pirates featuring Martin Stensaas” Bash Contemporary, San Francisco CA

2014 Silicon Valley Art Fair, Bash Contemporary exhibit, San Jose CA

2014 “Oyster Pirates” All-Collaborative group show, E3 Modern, Salt Lake City, UT

2014 “Out of the Box” Group Show, WhiteSpace/Patrajdas Contemporary, Ogden Utah

2014 The Oyster Pirates All-Collaborative show, “Big Time”, CUAC [Central Utah Art Center], Salt Lake City UT

2013 “Lucky” group show fundraiser, Dada Bar, San Francisco, CA

2012 “Knew Conscious Annual ‘Ascension’ Show”, Knew Conscious Gallery, Denver, CO

2011 Group Show, MoPho art-space, Salt Lake City, UT

2010 Martin Stensaas and Sunny Strasburg, High Life Gallery. Salt Lake City, UT

2001 Group Show, Siskiyou Arts Council. Mt Shasta, CA

2000 Gallery Artist, The Portal Gallery. Mt Shasta, CA

1995  Group Exhibition, Louder Than Words. Salt Lake City, UT


2015 Performing artist, Sacred Spaces stage, Black Rock City, NV

2014 Performing artist, Sacred Spaces stage, Black Rock City, NV

2014 Performing Artist, Das Energi, Magna, UT

2014 Group Show, Museum of Visionary Art, Boom.  Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal

2013 Performing artist, Envision Festival, Uvita, Costa Rica

2012 Performing artist, Desert Rocks Festival, Green River, UT

2012 Performing artist, Pixel Expo, Salt Lake City, UT

2011 Group Show/ Performing artist, Basscamp, Black Rock City, NV

2009 Group Show/ Performing artist, Red Lightning, Black Rock City, NV

2007 Group Show/Performing artist, Entheon, Black Rock City, NV



2015 Dreams and Divinities Book: “The Encyclopedia of Fernal Affairs” ISBN 978-2-9534581-2-1


2014 Full Cover art. Catalyst Magazine

2014 Full page advertisement, Juxtapoz, July 2014 for Bash Contemporary “Red Tide” Show

2012 Full Cover art. Catalyst Magazine


2014: Mundus Imaginalis:  http://www.mundusimaginalis.org/interviews/martin-stensaas-word-and-world/

2014 Eclectix: http://eclectix.com/the-oyster-pirates-red-tide-exhibition/

2013 Interview: “Visionary Art”, Obtrusiv Magazine: http://www.obtrusiv.com/art/2013/7/22/ml4x9c9f3w927u5ezafu2rq18l7q4g

2013 Lila Visionary Art interview: “Fundamental Languages”: http://lila.info/martin-stensaas-hologram-scriptures/

2013 Visionary Art Gallery: http://www.vagallery.com/martin-stensaas.html


Selected Collections

Dr. Martin Luis Guzman III, Sir Timothy Heyman,  Robert Meister Collection New York, Mr. Jacques Weitz, Lorin “Bassnectar” Ashton

Motion Pictures

‘Vengeance’ Painting featured in Paramount Pictures, Kiss the Girls

‘Tension Headaches’ Painting featured in Paramount Pictures , Kiss the Girls

Concept art for Lifeless Productions, A Life Less Ordinary


Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, University of Utah. Salt Lake City, UT

Awarded four year, full tuition art scholarship, University of Utah. Salt Lake City, UT

Workshops with Earl Jones and David Amico. Los Angeles, CA

Art is a kind of innate drive that seizes a human being and makes him its instrument. The artist is not a person endowed with free will who seeks his own ends, but one who allows art to realize its purpose through him. As a human being he may have moods and a will and personal aims, but as an artist he is “man” in a higher sense— he is “collective man”— one who carries and shapes the unconscious, psychic forms of mankind.”  – CG Jung