Double Dragon Rider

"Double Dragon Rider" by Martin Stensaas
Double Dragon Rider

Acrylic on canvas- Work in progress
Part of my Burningman piece with others in the HATU CORE project

Detail - Acrylic on canvas
Part of the HATU CORE Project for Burning Man

Double Dragon Rider

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Acrylic on Canvas

38” x 48” Available

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16” x 20” prints available

Other sizes on request. Double Dragon Rider is a meditation on the dance between matter and spirit. Two dragons twine around each other at the Earth horizon. The Bright dragon embodies the fierce solar intelligence as it challenges and energizes the verdant Earth dragon. Riding between the two is a green fairy who channels the information into living systems which proliferate and mutate below. This piece was originally created for the Utah Core project sponsored by the Black Rock Arts Council for Burning Man, 2011. Acrylic on Canvas