“Nymph with California Landscape”

Original Painting. Available. Contact mstensaas@jps.net. “Nymph with California landscape” Acrylic on canvas.
This is a variation on the “Nymph with Fauns” by Swedish painter Julius Kronberg (1875). In the original, two satyrs peer through the plants at a nymph sunbathing by a pool. The tension of her vulnerable beauty and their mischievous thrill is only offset by the rich paint of the nature scene and its many textures.
In my version, the nymph and her natural setting are composed of dynamic astral forms that appear to be in a kind of psychedelic bubble. Dominating the scene, and impinging on its magic, is the skyline of San Francisco in stark midday glare. How do we maintain the human need for enchantment, vulnerability, and beauty in the face of the constant pressures of urban life? San Francisco, once the center for fringe creativity, has become inhospitable to it due to market forces. How do you make a bubble of magic in your life to nourish your sense of possibility?

"Nymph with California Landscape" by Martin Stensaas
Nymph with California Landscape