Tiphareth by Martin Stensaas


Acrylic on Canvas

36″ x 24″


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This painting, “Tiphareth”, is a meditation on the Qabalistic theme of inner light. The central hub of the Tree of Life is Tiphareth, which corresponds to the Sun in the macrocosmos; and in the personal microcosmos, embodies the vision of the harmony of things and devotion to the great work. It is the mediating intelligence which balances force and form. The qualities of Tiphareth are the meeting of the lower and higher Self, Spirit and Matter.

Here, the figure praying/ meditating is invoking a world from the primal swirlings all around. This green orb, with a miniature Tree of Life forming within, echoes the genesis of the Life force on Earth as a gift from the Solar Logos, the magnanimous intelligence of the Sun.